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Pesticide regulation in the news for the 2022 growing season

Dr. Trisha Leaf from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture discusses how recent pesticide regulatory changes for pesticides such as chlorpyrifos, Enlist Duo (glyphosate & 2,4-D) and dicamba will affect farmers this year.

A retrospective on 38 years of corn entomology with Ken Ostlie

After 38 years with the University of Minnesota, corn entomologist Dr. Ken Ostlie is retiring at the end of January. He stopped by to talk about corn insects and entomology over the years and where he sees the field going in the future.

Soybean breeding and pest management

Dr. Aaron Lorenz, soybean breeder and Associate Professor at the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the U of M discusses how soybean breeding is actually done and what work is going on at the U to improve soybeans.

What's living in your grain bin?

Dr. Janet Knodel, Extension Entomologist at North Dakota State University, discusses what to keep an eye out for when thinking about pests in or around stored grain. Sanitation and prevention are often the easiest and most cost effective tools due to the difficulty of treating pest issues once they are found.

What are your neighbors doing for pest management?

Liz Stahl, U of M Regional Extension Educator based out of Worthington, discusses what she has learned from the annual IPM Assessment, a survey of growers across the state about their pest management use and concerns. Perceptions on what neighbors are doing can influence grower decisions, though one farmer after seeing this survey data remarked, "Wow, I thought all my neighbors were using fungicide on their corn." Often times, growers are using less pesticide than we might perceive.

Small grains and not so small pest problems

Episode 21. Drs. Jochum Wiersma and Jared Goplen give updates on pest management in small grains in 2021. Recorded May 20, 2021.

Strategic Farming: Soybean cyst nematode, so tough a threat, it warrants a coalition

Dr. Greg Tykla, nematologist with Iowa State University and Dr. Samuel Markell, Extension broadleaf plant pathologist at North Dakota State University discuss soybean cyst nematode and the challenges with managing this pathogen.

Strategic Farming: What's Bugging Your Corn?

Dr. Ken Ostlie and Bruce Potter discuss corn insects and outlooks for 2021. This episode was part of an interactive webinar series, Strategic Farming: Let's Talk Crops where farmers and other ag. professionals could ask researchers questions they had.

Climate in Minnesota - how it helps and challenges pest management

Episode 18 guest: Dr. Heidi Roop - Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist in Climate Science

What exactly is IPM anyways?

Episode 17: Dr. Anthony Hanson and Dave Nicolai give an overview of what integrated pest management is to wrap up 2020.

Weed management in fall and what to do with weed escapes

Episode 16: Weed management in fall and what to do with weed escapes

Soybean gall midge, spider mites, and corn rootworm in southern Minnesota

Episode 15: Soybean gall midge, spider mites, and corn rootworm in southern Minnesota

Soybean and corn diseases in late summer and what to plan for next year

Episode 14:  Soybean and corn diseases in late summer and what to plan for next year https://www.mnipm.umn.edu//sites/mnipm.umn.edu/files/aug_5_2020_malvick.mp3

What’s in the toolbox? Aphids and other soybean insects in 2020.

Episode 13:  What’s in the toolbox? Aphids and other soybean insects in 2020. https://www.mnipm.umn.edu//sites/mnipm.umn.edu/files/july_30_2020_koch_soybean_1.mp3

When Insects Take Care of the Pest Control For Us

Episode 12:  When insects take care of the pest control for us https://www.mnipm.umn.edu//sites/mnipm.umn.edu/files/when_insects_take_care_of_pest_control.mp3

Late-season Pest Considerations in Northwest Minnesota

Late-season Pest Considerations in Northwest Minnesota with Angie Peltier.

Old and New Summer Soybean Insects

Episode 10: Old and New Summer Soybean Insects

Timely Crop Scouting as Summer Finally Arrives

June 28, 2019. Bruce Potter and Kurt Burns discuss crop scouting after a cool spring.

Weed management under delayed corn and soybean planting conditions

June 13, 2010. Jeff Gunsolus discusses weed management after cool wet weather delays planting into June.

Black Cutworm and Other Early Season Pest Management

May 31, 2019. Bruce Potter discusses the current year black cutworm monitoring.

Soybean & Corn Disease Update

August 20, 2018. Dean Malvick discusses corn and soybean disease management.

Soybean Aphid Alert & IPM Update

July 19, 2018. Robert Koch discusses current soybean aphid recommendations.

Plant Disease Clinic Update

July 5, 2018. Brett Arenz discusses the U of M's Plant Disease Clinic.

Corn Rootworm Activity & Bt Resistance Updates

June 7, 2018. Ken Ostlie discusses corn rootworm and ongoing research.

Early Season Weed Control in Corn and Soybeans

May 30, 2018. Jeff Gunsolus discusses early season weed management.

Black Cutworm Alert

Episode 1. May 22, 2018 black cutworm update with Bruce Potter.

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