Alerting about emerging pest concerns with Minnesota Field Crops including corn, soybean, small grains and alfalfa, while offering useful, research-based pest management solutions.

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Managing issues after heavy May rains and early-season pests in 2023

Dave Nicolai and Dr. Seth Naeve talk about agronomic issues from the recent heavy rains in early May 2023 and early-season insect issues with Bruce Potter, IPM Extensi...

Early season weed management in 2023

Dave Nicholai gives an update on planting progress with Dr. Seth Naeve and discusses weed management tactics early in the season with Dr. Debalin Sarangi. Weeds such a...

Early seedling diseases in 2023

Dave Nicolai discusses May planting and potential early-season diseases with U of M Extension plant pathologist Dean Malvick and soybean agronomist Seth Naeve.

Special episode: Early 2023 planting and agronomy updates

It's late April in 2023 and it's still wet and difficult to get field work done across the state. It's a bit too early to discuss much about pests, but as a lead-in to...

50th Anniversary of IPM: The history of IPM and adapting to invasive new pests

Dr. Bob Wright with the University of Nebraska discusses with Dr. Anthony Hanson how integrated got its start and Dr. Hanson goes through how we have adapted IPM plans...

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