Pesticide regulation in the news for the 2022 growing season

Dr. Trisha Leaf from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture discusses how recent pesticide regulatory changes for pesticides such as chlorpyrifos, Enlist Duo (glyphosate & 2,4-D) and dicamba will affect farmers this year.
Dr. Trisha Leaf from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Pesticide & Fertilizer Division discusses how pesticide regulation works at the federal and state level. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is federal law that governs how pesticides are registered, distributed, sold, and used in the U.S (i.e., "the label is the law"). Recently, tolerances of a common insecticide, chlorpyrifos, were revoked on all food and feed crops and is no longer permitted for agricultural use in 2022. Enlist Duo has also undergone label changes where initially use was not permitted in six MN counties due to endangered species concerns, but after review, use is now permitted after determining those species are not present in those counties.

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